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Start-up visa

Eager to establish your very own venture in the UK?

Let us help you out with legal formalities for start-up visa.

While setting up a business is as easy as breathing for British nationals, the same cannot be said for non-European individuals. Albeit the complexity, it is possible and we make sure you’re able to reap maximum benefits out of your start-up visa. From creating a convincing business plan to providing all the relevant details in your application, we’ll bolster your case with the right details to increase the chances of approval from the home office.
Start-Up Vizesi

Legal Aspects

Starting a business in unchartered territory is challenging enough as is, which is why you shouldn’t have to handle the legal aspect of it.

With our experts on your side, there’s nothing to worry about. We flaunt an impressive record of satisfied clients who are now thriving as recognized business owners in the UK. Whether you’re a recent graduate with a degree or a student, we will tackle the visa application process according to the appropriate tier.

Start-up Visa

The UK continues to welcome ambitious startup owners from abroad. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with little to no prior experience running your venture, the start-up Visa is for you. Please note that this type of visa has more financially flexible requirements compared to the innovator visa.
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An innovative visa is suitable if:

Duration of stay

Individuals applying for the start-up visa are allowed to stay in the country for a total of 2 years. If you’re already in the UK as a foreigner and wish to pursue higher studies, you can convert your existing visa type to a start-up visa.
İngiltere Yenilikçi Vizesi İngiltere öğrenci vizesi​

Additional Informationf

All start-up visa applicants must be endorsed by a recognized higher education institute based or an established organization that supports entrepreneurs in the UK.

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