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British Nationality

British Nationality

Thousands of people across the globe strive to bag British Nationality, however, only a few are able to acquire it. With Anzan Immigration Lawyers, you can be one of the lucky ones!

The law concerning nationality is incredibly complicated and constantly goes through updates that make it even more complex. There are endless rules one must adhere to and these are wholly unique depending on your current region of residence. At Anzan Immigration Lawyers, we can help you claim your British nationality without the grunt work.

british nationality

Our goal

Whether you’re aiming for naturalization or simple registration, we are fully equipped to satisfy your needs. Our goal is to ease your journey to a settled life in the United Kingdom through approved techniques and mechanisms. Verily, our experts help you create the perfect application for yourself and your family, regardless of the geographical nuances. With us on your side, the whole process will take much less time and effort on your part.

What are the requirements for naturalisation in the UK?

In order to be eligible for British naturalisation, the British Nationality Act,1981, stipulates that applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

British Nationality British Nationality

You must pass the Life in the UK Test, which demonstrates that you have a grounding in, and understand, British culture, traditions and customs.