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Spouse Visa

Are you settled in the UK and eager to reunite with your spouse abroad? Or vice versa?

Spouse Visa

Obtaining a UK visa for your partner provides a legal allowance for them to stay with you in any British city for at least 30 months. Naturally, you want your beloved wife or husband to move in with you indefinitely and this is the first step in finalizing the process for British Citizenship. Regardless, there are various eligibility tests one must clear before they can move forward and we’re here to help you through them all.

Spouse Visa for UK

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With a burgeoning number of frauds occurring every year, the UK government has toughened its criteria. However, Anzan immigration lawyers make sure your authentic marriage doesn’t have to bear the brunt of it. We will provide viable recommendations and legal advice as to how you can ace the procedure without running into any difficulties.

Spouse Visa Requirement

Fulfilling the UK’s requirements for a Spouse Visa can be challenging. Firstly, in order to establish eligibility, you will have to show that your relationship is genuine, by providing a wide range of documents. In addition, your sponsor must earn over £18,600 per year and demonstrate that they can provide suitable housing.
You can apply for different visas, according to your personal circumstances. If you intend to join your partner in the UK, you need to make a Spouse Visa application. – your partner has to hold British citizenship by birth, or to be a naturalised British citizen. Alternatively, you can apply as a Fiancé or as an Unmarried Partner of a British citizen, or someone who already has settled immigration status.

Visa Validation

Fiancé visas are normally only valid for six months and you need to get married in that time. An Unmarried Partner or Spouse Visa is valid for 30 months, after which you can apply for an extension for an additional 30 months. Once five years have elapsed, you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), and then, 12 months later, for UK citizenship.
In order to be granted a Spouse Visa in the UK, you must already be married to a British citizen or someone who has Indefinite Leave to Remain. In addition, you have to meet the following requirements:


In order to demonstrate that you meet these requirements you will need to provide documentation. Anzan immigration lawyers are here to offer you professional help with preparing your application.
The Marriage Visa financial requirements, which will enable you to stay in the UK, necessitate demonstrating that you and your partner earn a combined gross annual income of £18,600. This figure goes up by £3,800 for a first dependent child, and by another £2,400 for every additional child.
Your income can come from any one or more of the following sources:

exemption from the financial requirements

In certain circumstances, you may be granted an exemption from the financial requirements, namely if you are receiving the following benefits:

To Those Claiming Benefits

Individuals who are claiming these benefits will still have to prove that they can provide adequate maintenance for their spouse and any dependents. In cases where the UK sponsor does not meet the minimum level of financial requirements, the Home Office has to look at their personal circumstances.