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Investor Visa

Are you an investor with significant disposable income and a lifelong dream to permanently move to the UK?

Investor Visa

The investor visa is best suited for wealthy individuals who can easily set aside a chunk of their savings to settle abroad in the country. From entrepreneurs to those with sizable inheritances, all are welcomes to apply. At Anzan Immigration Lawyers, we can help you with an effective leave to remain and obtain a highly coveted investor visa. As experts in our domain, we are fully aware of what the UK government seeks in investors. Your monetary investment makes you eligible for a tier 1 visa once you inject the minimum set amount into a government utility, bonds, shares, or regulated financial entity.

Investor Visa for UK

Why Choose Us

Although this type of VISA application is one of the easiest, there are still a few things one might get confused by and that’s where we come in. You can either choose UK share capital or invest in the form of a loan for a minimum of 5 years to get started. Moreover, all applicants must meet the golden rule, whereby, you have to prove that the money you’re bringing is legally yours.